Get Your Students Organized: Make Use of Aquinas Learning Student and Parent Planners!

These optional—but very helpful—tools were developed by Aquinas Learning parent Bridget Rivas, designed specifically to fit the AL model and to enhance follow-through for parents and students in a useful and visually appealing format. If used correctly, the planner becomes a “permanent” record of student work so a parent can dispose of used workbooks and still have records for proof when needed. There are a couple of options and pointers to keep in mind.

Student Planners—Everything in One Place: The Aquinas Prima and Schola Alta Student Planners are for charting the course through the school year and recording student progress. Here, assignments and activities can be tracked and grades noted. Students can visually see what is expected of them and take ownership, while Mom can see what’s been done (or not). There is a place to write in the current week of Aquinas and subjects, a location for writing down the students work (meant to be a weekly visual task list for the kids), a place at the bottom for the kids to write down scheduled activities (like piano, soccer game times, etc.—again, to create a record and to teach kids how to manage their priorities), and it also includes liturgical saints and feasts throughout the year, future planning, notes, contacts and record-keeping pages.

To Purchase, Preview, and read reviews:

Schola Alta Planner 2017-2018: The only difference is the driving records in the back and does not have any info about organizing weekly tasks  like the Prima planner.

Prima choice 1: Blue Ocean cover for Prima.

Prima choice 2: Swirls cover for Prima.

For sample files of current student planners, see: 

Sample files, Schola Alta

Sample files, Prima 

Mom Planner Options: Momentum Planners

Most planners help manage time. Momentum Planners help a mother manage her priorities.

This Catholic women’s planner includes liturgical saints and feasts, menu planning, weekly task lists, project planning, zones for cleaning, monthly planning and reviews, as well as goal setting, contact and future planning pages. This planner comes in two sizes (“junior” just means that it is a 6” x 8.5”—not a full page like the student version) or can be purchased as a filler for a notebook system (like ARC or Levenger).

To Purchase or Preview:

Catholic Momentum Women’s Planner

Filler pages 

The Backstory: The planners came about because Bridget had designed one non-Aquinas planner already, and saw a demand that needed addressing (better tracking her children’s Aquinas Learning needs, and giving her kids a manageable tool to chart their progress and give them some thing to check off). She redesigned the planning materials currently included in the Aquinas Parent Handbook with the goal of creating personalized order and tracking for Aquinas students.

–The Rivas family has attended the Aquinas Learning Manassas Center since 2009, with three children currently in attendance in Prima I & II. To order planners online with a discount, visit and enter code NOV2017 for 10% off. All planners are also available on Lulu (but discounts cannot be created there; if wishing to purchase via Lulu, watch for seasonal discounts). You may order locally in Manassas to save on shipping by emailing me your order at and picking up at Aquinas Manassas. 


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