Organizing Home & Life for School the Aquinas Learning Way

Resources & Key Tools:

The Annual Aquinas Learning welcome packet: Contains a few key tips and reading suggestions to start; an ordered mind will result in an ordered home once the key concepts have been wrestled with and adopted! You can review this year’s welcome packet (sent over the summer to your email) on the website here: 

Key suggestions on home order from AL Welcome Packet on Home Organization: 

1. Establish zones designated for homeschooling:

-Study area
-Bookshelf / storage area
-Mom’s desk
-Record Keeping storage – a folder/bin for each child.

2. Establish a routine – begin the day with prayer and reading out loud, end the day with prayer and quiet reading time.

3. Assign this year’s chores to each child for morning, mid-day, and afternoon chores: How do you do it all? You shouldn’t have to. Children should have their chores, their zones, and should work anytime Mom/Dad are working on tidying the house. Institute “5 pm clean sweep,” when all in the family stop what they’re doing and attend to their zones to clean up.

Parent Guides with planning information, and other resources: The second, far more “in the weeds” as far as many specific offerings and check lists (and much more!) for organizing your homeschool/student life is in the Parent Guide that accompanies the Parva and Prima I & II Student Handbooks for each cycle and semester (for example, see pages 8-25 of the Prima guide, similar pages for Parva and Prima II).

Parva Parent Guide sample

Prima Parent Guide sample

Schola Alta parents can find helpful organizational information by accessing the Classrunner website, and using the password and links provided to Schola Alta parents. In the General Section, there is a Schola Alta Resource Folder (titled “SA General Resources”) containing forms and information about the Schola Alta Program (access via this link once you have logged in).

Aquinas Learning Specific Student and Parent Planners: An optional (but very helpful) tool are the parent and student planners developed by AL parent Bridget Rivas. See article (Get Your Students Organized: Make Use of Aquinas Learning Student and Parent Planners!) further explaining the planners and their use, as well as discount ordering information.

Other useful online tools and tips:

Info Sharing Yahoo Groups: Choose individual emails, daily digest (one email, but does not allow for attachments and can take longer to receive), or no emails (means you have to go to the website: in order to read and join in the conversation).

Aquinas Learning CENTER Families: send an email to:

Aquinas Learning AT HOME (not supported by a center) Families: send an email to:

FaceBook Family Sharing Info Groups: “Like” us on “facebook/aquinaslearning” to get and share updates, ideas, inspiration and news.

Aquinas Learning Center Families Facebook Page

Aquinas Learning HQ Facebook Page

Aquinas Learning Classrunner Course Site: The Aquinas course site is the place to go (besides your hardcopy parent guide) for online access to the weekly class plans, audio songs, links to the Good Books and history resources, etc. Classrunner is tailored to your registered students by class level (for instance, if you have a Parva and a Prima I student, those classes and resources will be available to you, but you will not see Alta or Prima II information).  Please login using the course site login and password information sent to parents via email. If you are having trouble logging in, please contact our Course Site Administrator, Colette Lienhard, at

Booklists for the year, including current Family Read Alouds (in order) may be found on the Aquinas Learning website here.

Supplementary educational books for students and parents (including more optional read-alouds) may be found here.

Extra Aquinas Learning handbooks, parent guides and CDs may be purchased at the following links: VA residents and non-VA residents.

Lulu is an independent self-publishing book website that prints and ships books developed and written for groups like Aquinas Learning. Geography, catechism and other workbooks may be purchased here, as well as Aquinas Learning student planners. Lulu manages its own seasonal discounts, so keep a look out for discount codes when ordering materials.

Any Aquinas Learning resource needs or questions not addressed, please email:


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