“Happy Mother’s Day” greeting at closing ceremonies, spring 2017.

A Brief History of Aquinas Learning Founding

So you attend an Aquinas Learning Center, or you use the materials at home; do you ever wonder how Aquinas Learning began?

Shortly after entering the world of homeschooling, founder, Rosario Reilly took on the role of coordinator for her local homeschool support group. Her experience there taught her that parents, like herself, were looking for a more consistent form of peer interaction (classmates over several years versus a chance encounter at some clubs) and a solid scope and sequence of education they could trust to be excellent, classical, and Catholic. She and her friends also wanted their children to learn in community with their peers without sacrificing the flexibility afforded by home schooling. Aquinas Learning was their solution, blending a once-a-week meeting day with peers and other adults with at-home studies based on a sound philosophy of education. The method was to be a once-a-week mentoring program, the approach was to be classical in the traditional sense, the integrated curriculum was to be based on Philippians 4:8-9* (the true, good, and beautiful), and the identity was to be Catholic.

Read more about Aquinas Learning’s founding here, or watch EWTN Nightly News host Colleen Carroll Campbell report on the growth of Catholic homeschooling and Aquinas Learning, “a ‘hybrid’ homeschool program that brings Catholic students together in a ‘unique educational community,’” here.


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