Rosario Reilly is Director of Aquinas Learning.

Director’s Corner

Aquinas Learning is now nine years old!  As we embark on a new year learning together, I am pleased to announce the launch of our very first issue of the “Aquinas Learning Journal.”

As the Aquinas Learning community has grown over the years, so has the need to share ideas and experiences across U.S. centers and beyond. This electronic newsletter and our first newsletter coordinator, Anna Duran, are the answers to our prayers.

Every year, I have watched as mentors came together for August training, eagerly sharing ideas about classroom teaching methods and ideas. Now, we have a platform for sharing and recording these wonderful ideas, and many more. Likewise, Aquinas Learning at Home (ALH) families who have built uniquely personalized systems applying the curriculum in their own homes, may share these ideas with other such families.

In addition, this newsletter will also allow us to spotlight mentors, directors, families, and graduates who are willing to share their stories, ideas, and experiences throughout the year. We seek for contributors to share ideas or articles relevant to the Aquinas Learning Program, Homeschooling, and Catholic Living. If you have questions about Aquinas Learning, or have an idea for consideration for an upcoming edition of the ALJournal, please send a quick note to us at

–Rosario Reilly AL Director, Director, Manassas Center


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