1. We teach in 3 cycles and during each cycle, you will receive a CURRICULUM OVERVIEW.  This overview will list down each topic that will be covered under each subject for the entire year.


2. Each parent receives an AL PARENT GUIDE – It contains some tips on how to use the Aquinas Learning program at home, background information about A.L., tips & tricks, WAGs (week-at-a-glance -a review sheet containing all the materials learned on a given week), Visual Aids (that accompany each memory works subject), and a To-Do list for each day.

Parva Parent Guide sample

Prima Parent Guide sample

3. Each student receives an AL STUDENT WORKBOOK – the workbooks are a re-presentation of what they have learned during the meeting day with mentors.

SPI (K-3rd) Workbook sample

SPII (4-6th) Workbook sample

4. One of the cornerstones of the Aquinas Learning Program is the “Good Books” Read-Aloud period, which consists of a mentor reading aloud to the students and a Socratic discussion that follows.

C3W8 SPI conv-Captain Molly Pitcher – discussion guide

C3W8 SPI Story – Molly Pitcher – the story itself

5. About 4-5 times a year, we also discuss a novel that was read out loud by someone at home (mom, dad, grandparent, older sibling…); this is what we call the FRA or Family Read-Aloud.  Here is a sample discussion sheet for the FRA.

FRA-The Phantom Tollbooth 1

6. We’ve been blessed to collaborate with a very talented artist, Amy Pak (Homeschool in the Woods), who has agreed to create new timeline drawings especially for Aquinas Learning in order to compliment our study of history (with an emphasis on Salvation History).  We teach the children to memorize 4 timeline cards each week for a total of 112 figures and events in history memorized every year.  These are accompanied by action and music.  You can purchase Amy’s full line-up of timeline figures from her website at

Aquinas Learning Timeline Figures


The course site is our electronic filing cabinet.  It’s where we house all our curriculum, including web links, audio files, mentor messages, student forums & chats, etc.  Check it out for yourself.  Here are a few sample weeks to get an idea of what you’ll get with your enrollment:


Log-in: alguest

Password: alguest

(with both the log-in and password, only use lower case letters)

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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